Dryer from Summit Systems

By: Summit Systems  06/01/2010
Keywords: dryers, ancillary equipment, Hot Air Dryers


Summit Systems bring to the market the smallest absorbing dryer in the world with a capacity from just 1.3 kg/hour.

The Summit Dryplus series of dryers offers at least a 40% lower energy consumption when compared with old style twin tower desiccant drying technology. Based on a 4 stage patented circuit the dryer constantly gives maximum performance ensuring an efficient drying process. are so confident in this new technology, they offer a 5 year warranty on the rotor wheel. So why is this different from other dryers in the marketplace employing a rotor wheel honeycomb structure?  For a start other designs only employ a three stage system, offering a dewpoint of -35C to -40C. The Summit Dryplus has a dewpoint range from -35C to as low as -55C. This lower dewpoint reduces the stress on the material and optimises its viscosity in the processing equipment, whilst cutting down on energy use.

Other specific features include an automatic, intelligent set-up mode where operators need only to input the type of material and the desired output. A countdown timer on the display indicates when the material is dry and ready to be used. It can not be over-dried.

Summit Systems, who have seen many dryer designs over their 20 years in the business, are enthusiastic about the Dryplus. Their Technical Team say it can save the customer money on all counts, not least by the fact that chilled water, compressed air and expensive desiccant are not necessary in this system.  They say “The Dryplus is being hailed by our customers as innovative, simple, efficient and reliable.”

Whilst the smallest model will be attractive to a lot of processors it should be noted that this technology comes in a range stretching right up to a capacity of 2.250kg/hr. – the broadest range available in the industry.

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