A Flexible alternative from Summit Systems

A Flexible alternative from Summit Systems from Summit Systems

By: Summit Systems  15/07/2009
Keywords: material handling, material handling equipment, Silos

If your material supplier requires you to take a minimum quantity when you order (MOQ), it can mean a storage problem.
We know for example, 10 tonnes of material on pallets can take up a lot of space. One solution is of course, to install an external silo.
An excellent option if you have the privilege of the space, the funding and the planning permission. Summit Systems bring you the answer – Flexible Silos.
Installed inside and designed especially for the space you have available, even if it is a small footprint but can go higher. These flexible silos are made from breathable material, are easy to install and their lightweight construction means that transport costs are kept low.  They can be connected to existing pipe work or bespoke options are available.
Simon Mapp from IAC is one customer who has found these flexible silos to be just the answer. He says “The flexible silo offered the perfect solution for us. We have a high number of different raw material types and colours with a low weekly usage. This eliminated the possibility of a fixed Silo as their size is prohibitive. The flexible silo allows me to 'bulk' store material on a smaller scale (3-8 tonne capacity).” He goes on to detail the significant benefits the company have seen from installing the silos. “Space Saving - The flexible silo utilises height instead of floor space. I can now hold 8 octabins of material in a floor footprint not much bigger than one octabin. Labour Saving - The labour required to manage is also reduced because I can unload all the material deliveries into the Silos. Current practice would require an octabin to be replaced each time it empties. This equates to a lot of time and labour cost. Management - As all the material is centrally stored, inventory management is much simpler.”Simon’s comments on the service he has received from Summit Systems are unequivocal “Summit Systems were given a huge challenge to supply 30 different raw materials to 18 Injection mould presses, with little time and tight budget constraints. They have installed a system that fulfilled all my requirements. It is simple to use and offers ongoing cost benefits.

Above all it was delivered on time and within budget.”

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