Continuous Hot Washer for Removal of Contaminates in Plastics Recycling

Continuous Hot Washer for Removal of Contaminates in Plastics Recycling from Summit Recycling

By: Summit Recycling  07/10/2010
Keywords: Recycling, PLASTIC, waste recycling

For plastics with strongly adhering contamination.

  • The hot washer consists of a tank filled with a caustic washing solution in which an insert rotates with a circulatory movement. This insert consists of a number; depending on the required throughput, of individual washing chambers that are filled and emptied by a revolving principle.
  • A predetermined amount of ground material is introduced into a washing chamber via a dosing screw. A defined amount of the caustic solution is contained in the washing chamber and is continuously moved by a propeller.As in a carousel; when one washing chamber is full, the insert rotates to the next container and so on. The circulatory movement determines the amount of time the ground material remains in the caustic solution, until it is discharged from the carousel.
  • A dewatering screw is located at the point of release, which transports the emptied ground material away from the caustic washing solution and brings it in a dripping wet state to the next process stage.
  • A cleaning circuit is connected to the hot washer to continuously clean the caustic washing solution. The entire amount of the caustic washing solution is exchanged 2.5 times per hour. This involves the pumping out of the caustic washing solution from the hot washer for cleaning in a decanter.
  • The cleaned caustic washing solution returns to the hot washer after passing through a heat exchanger.
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