Air Classifier for Separation of Contaminates in Plastic Recycling

Air Classifier for Separation of Contaminates in Plastic Recycling from Summit Recycling

By: Summit Recycling  07/10/2010
Keywords: Recycling, waste recycling, Plastic Recycling

 The Air Classifier may be installed for two purposes.For separation of light films or contaminating paper after Dry Cleaning (see separate product), or for the separation of fine dust from the final recycled material.
The Air Classifier works on the principle of upward vacuum extraction of light, contaminating materials by a channel, into which the mixed material falls. The classification performance and quality of the final product can be further increased by making a number of changes in the direction of the material. Traditionally, it is difficult to separate large amounts of ground materials from each other. As the throughput increases, it is necessary for the width of the channel to also be increased.
Channels that have become too wide however, are difficult to manage in terms of flow technology, leading in turn to a negative effect on the sorting result.
Our Air Classifier always works with the same width, but the number of units is multiplied in order to reach higher throughput. This is done with a circular arrangement in order to construct the equipment as compactly as possible and to simplify material distribution to the individual classifier units. Material distribution takes place via a distribution plate that evenly distributes the material to be separated over the classifier units.  

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