Tamworth MALE Waxing or Shaving, BSC, Full body, Intimate etc.,beayty therapy and massage.

Tamworth MALE Waxing or Shaving, BSC, Full body, Intimate etc.,beayty therapy and massage. from SPS

By: SPS  14/07/2010
Keywords: MASSAGE THERAPY, hair removal, beauty therapist

 Men are taking more pride in their appearance and body image so men’s beauty treatment and especially men’s waxing is a popular male grooming treatments.   Shaving is also offered for those with Waxing allergies or for shaving preference. 

·         Upper Body waxing
ears, nostrils, eyebrows, neck, hands & fingers, feet & toes, abdomen, chest, back, shoulders

·         Intimate Waxing or clipper / shave

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Discomfort is minimal, maybe half a dozen ‘pulls’ are uncomfortable but trivial compared to grow back problems associated with shaving.
Clippering and shaving are also offered, but we recommend you consider waxing due to its longer lasting effects, making it more cost effective for you. 
Being a sensitive area, erections can happen, but we find the nature of the treatment generally results in clients being more concerned (unnecessarily) about potential pain than anything else!  This is a professional salon environment, so any inappropriate requests will see the treatment terminated immediately.

·         The Speedo

Crease of inner thighs and blended

·         The Bermuda Triangle

Shaped higher and clippered at the front.

·         Buttocks

The cheeks only

·         Buttocks and Crack

Buttock cheeks and butt crack for a clean finish

·         Groin

Front of the body removed (penis, scrotum & pubic triangle)

·         The Male Brazilian

Goin, buttocks, sack and crack, leaving some hair at the front for a more natural look. The remaining hair is waxed and trimmed into the desired shape (usually to form a ‘landing strip’ or angled at the sides.

·         The Male Hollywood

Total removal for your approval.


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