Annual Hours and Flexible Working Consultancy

Annual Hours and Flexible Working Consultancy from Pasfield Curran

By: Pasfield Curran  06/10/2010
Keywords: Flexibility, scheduling, work life balance

Our experience shows that best results are achieved by managing the process in partnership with the organisation and its employees from the outset. In many instances, the flexible working ground rules have been developed through the understanding and consensus of those who will participate in the new ways of working. Placed alongside our expert knowledge the results are always impressive.

In bringing about the change there has to be tangible benefits for employees, possibly in terms of higher guaranteed pay, training and development opportunities and an incentive to have more say in how work is performed. And of course, reducing the hours needed to do it. Employers sometimes believe that work-life balance equates to inefficiency, loss of productivity and disruption.Yet well-founded flexible working schemes can actually deliver more efficiency and productivity, create less disruption and reduce recruitment and training costs.

Pasfield Curran can help with every step of the process, from analysis of the business, right through to the implementation of the new ways of working.

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