Ultracrete Zorbit Press Release – Cambridgeshire Highways

Ultracrete Zorbit Press Release – Cambridgeshire Highways from Instarmac Group

By: Instarmac Group  25/08/2009
Keywords: construction materials, concrete, CEMENT


Ultracrete Zorbit the newest product launched into the Ultracrete range of products from the Instarmac  Group plc has been an instant hit with Cambridgeshire Highways due to its environmental advantages, efficiency and cost effective methods.

Cambridgeshire Highways, (Cambridgeshire County Council and Atkins working in partnership) are one of many Instarmac customers who have switched from using their existing granuals spill absorbent to Ultracrete Zorbit.

Ultracrete Zorbit is a environmentally friendly, recyclable spill absorbent designed to be fast and easy to use, effective and cost efficient providing the ideal addition to any Incident Support Unit and Fast Response Team or any environment where fast and effective response to spillages are essential to minimise downtime.

Ultracrete Zorbit comes in two parts, The Recyclable Spill Absorbent and the Recycle Centre. When used in conjunction with each other the recycle centre recovers, reduces and reuses a high proportion of Ultracrete Zorbit recyclable spill absorbent, making it highly cost efficient whilst reducing landfill waste.

These results are achieved through highly modified plant fibres that are extremely efficient in the rapid absorption of hydrocarbon spillages. The fibre structure has an ultra-high affinity for oils and gives unequalled performance in spill containment and control. The unique ‘Oil lock system’ allows the oil spill to be pulled inside the inherent fibrous structure where it is then maintained until separated through the recycle centre. With this system the oil is not able to migrate in the presence of water or under mechanical pressure resulting in a safe, slip-free surface.

Everything you need to respond to an emergency spillage is supplied with the Ultracrete Zorbit Recycle Centre. It has the capacity to hold 2 bags of Ultracrete Zorbit Recyclable Spill Absorbent and includes a specially designed polyethylene crimp bristle brush head for optimum oil recovery. Also included is a shovel built from tough high-density polyethylene, which is spark proof. Both are securely attached to the outer of the recycle centre allowing easy use of all components. The Recycle centre additionally houses a plastic filter inside which retains the ‘oil locked’ spillage whilst returning any unused spill absorbent ready for reuse.

Since the introduction of Ultracrete Zorbit Cambridgeshire Highways, (Cambridgeshire County Council and Atkins working in partnership) have reaped the benefits of a more cost efficient product and time saving method of application.

For further information on Ultracrete Zorbit, contact Faye Bridgewater Area Sales Manager for Ultracrete on 07970 814 330 or E-mail .


Editors Notes:

Cambridgeshire Highways is a partnership between Cambridgeshire County Council and Atkins, supported by supply chain partners to form a single provider for the highway network management service in the county.

Keywords: BITUMEN, CEMENT, concrete, construction materials