Problems with road repair in private streets?

Problems with road repair in private streets? from Instarmac Group

By: Instarmac Group  13/10/2009
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Ultracrete's Instant Road Repair cold lay macadam can help.

On a private street, responsibility for maintenance lies with its owners.  With the state of UK roads a current 'hot topic', and the colder weather creeping upon us again, Ultracrete's Instant Road Repair is an obvious solution for the first time permanent repair of potholes.

Potholes account for a huge 12% of all CTC insurance claims across the UK, with a massive £63.2 million spent on road repair and highway maintenance

Earlier this year, BBC Radio told us that it can cost UK motorists, on average, £1 million - with a pothole recorded every 110 metres!  The recent UK icy spells earlier this year do take on some of the blame for leaving our roads in such a state.

986,195 potholes were filled in the UK in the past 12 months alone.

With the number of potholes growing substantially it seems that quick, easy and cost effective solutions are being sought by all.  ULTRACRETE's now renowned INSTANT ROAD REPAIRcold lay macadam is most certainly a market-leading solution for the permanenrepair of potholes.

Ultracrete's Instant Road Repair (part of our BBA/HAPAS approved ironwork reinstatement system) is a cold lay macadam ideal for fast track permanent pothole repairs, sold in easy to use contractor friendly units of 25kg, bags or tubs.

·         3mm, 6mm & 10mm grades
·         Reduces congestion and fuel costs
·         Rapid repair time - no cooling required
·         Opening to foot traffic instantly
·         Cost and labour effective - only one visit required
·         Eliminates the need for disposal of temporary materials to landfill sites
·         Reduces the health & safety risks of working with a hot material
·         Environmentally friendly
·         High PSV (skid resistance) provides for a safer trafficking surface
·         Guarantees high performance temporary and emergency repairs

PERMANENT POTHOLE REPAIR from Ultracrete.  New and enhanced 3mm Grade cold lay macadam, for first time permanent pothole repairs.

For further information on Ultracrete's INSTANT ROAD REPAIR and other products for the maintenance and repair of roads and highways, please call us on +44(0)1827 871871, email

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