It's getting cold outside!

It's getting cold outside! from Instarmac Group

By: Instarmac Group  03/11/2009
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At Instarmac our priority is to ensure that you always have the information and support you need to help you make the best use of our quality products. With the cold weather upon us, please take a few minutes to read through our suggestions on storing and handling materials through the winter. We are certain that this will help you choose the right products for each application, and will ensure an uninterrupted workflow through the next few months.

All cementitious products are affected by temperature. The cooler it is, the slower the setting time. So in the winter months, why not try an upgrade to a higher performance mortar? We provide a number of different grades and we would be pleased to advise you on the product to best suit your projects and to maintain speed of application. It is also important to protect all cement-based material from wind, rain and moisture by storing them in dry, frost-free conditions. We recommend that you cover all products with a waterproof sheet and stack any bags or tub, preferably on a pallet, to prevent contact with the sub-floor, which can often be cold and damp in thewinter. For wet weather conditions where resinous products are not able to be applied, we recommend the use of our high performance cement based mortar.

Ultracrete Envirobed HA104®. Envirobed is a polymer mortar which can be used in wet weather. Specifically formulated for bedding ductile ironwork and problem covers and frames, it has exceptional tensile, compressive and bond strength, and conforms to the Department of Transport Design for Roads and Bridges: Mortars for Bedding Ironwork HA104/02. In addition, Envirobed has now been added to our BBA/HAPAS approved Ironwork Reinstatement System.

Although we manufacture Ultracrete Instant Road Repair on a ‘just in time’ basis, you may still experience a slight firming of the bag in the next few months due to the lower winter temperatures. This can be remedied easily by applying slight pressure to the side of the bag, which will restore material to its normal consistency.
Ultracrete Instaline, our thermoplastic line marker, is ideal for reinstating road marking lines after maintenance work. However, due to the nature of its ingredients, the product is likely to be softer in warm temperatures and harder in cold conditions. In winter temperatures Instaline will become more brittle and prone to cracking if dropped or handled roughly. Care should be taken, especially during delivery and transport. You can avoid this by storing the material in a warm place, or keeping it in the cabin of on-site vehicles before use.

It is normal that during cold weather conditions dryingtimes may be extended due to the slower evaporationof the water content of these products. Theconsistency of the products may also appear slightlythicker. This may vary dependant upon siteconditions.Should you have any questions on any specificproduct from our Ultracrete, Ultrascape, Ultra Tile or Ultra Floor range and the ways it is affected by theweather, please contact us on +44(0)1827 871871 and we will be happy to advise.

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