How to Revive your Drive – a Simple Guide from DrivewayFix

How to Revive your Drive – a Simple Guide from DrivewayFix from DrivewayFix

By: DrivewayFix  16/06/2011
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Drive Revive® is an easy, cost-effective way to rejuvenate your faded tarmac driveway. Our step by step guide below will show you just how easy.

Before you begin reviving your drive, you may need a few simple tools; such as a paint tray and roller, masking tape, a bucket and a pair of gloves.

For best results, before you apply Drive Revive® we recommend you treat your drive with our

Pre-Wash. Pre-Wash should be used to remove oil and grease residue from your path or driveway; by doing so a clean and even surface is created - the perfect foundation for Drive Revive®.

Our Pre-Wash can be used neat for stubborn areas or diluted with up to 10 parts water for a general treatment. Thoroughly soak the area with water and then pour out the Pre-Wash. Use a stiff broom, or scrubbing brush for awkward areas, and work the Pre-Wash into the driveway. Leave for about 20 minutes and thoroughly wash the area down with water and leave to dry.

When the area is completely dry you can begin prepping for Drive Revive®. Use masking tape (or something similar) to mask off all the edges and exposed areas of your drive, for example drain covers. Ensure that the Drive Revive® has been stirred through a few times and carefully pour into paint tray.

With a small brush, paint Drive Revive® around all the edges of your drive, then with the paint tray and roller continue painting the rest of your drive. You can apply a second coat of Drive Revive® if necessary.

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