Netpage Unlimited for seamless SMS Text, alpha and guest paging from your Computer Network

Netpage Unlimited for seamless SMS Text, alpha and guest paging from your Computer Network from Pager Company UK

By: Pager Company UK  10/01/2011
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Send messages to anyone in your organization via pager, email or text message from your internet browser.

Netpage Unlimited is the first network PC-based paging and messaging solution that provides scalability and unlimited range to improve your company’s instant communication needs. As your company expands and your needs increase, users and locations can easily be added to your Netpage Unlimited system.

NetPage Unlimited grows as your company grows. LRS guarantees range coverage with flawless text messaging communication regardless of location. No need for repeaters to extend range.
Ideal For: Small to Large Organizations (including those with international or regional offices)
Range Capability: Unlimited
Users: Supports up to 100,000 users (Netpage Unlimited ships with 5 user licenses. Additional user licenses can be purchased.)

•Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
•i386 - Linux•Available RS232 Serial Port
•TCP/IP Network ProtocolCLIENT/USER
•Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP•i386 - Linux
•TCP/IP Network Protocol

NETPAGE UNLIMITED PRODUCT FEATURES Global Groups – page an administrator created group or department at once, these groups are availble to every user My Groups – users may setup personal groups to page a group of up to 5 people Global Alarms – send an alert to an administrative defined group or department at once My Alarms – send a user-defined alert as a personal reminder Paging Families – maximizes efficiency by grouping one or more Transmit Controller(s) together for non-interfered transmission On Premise/Off Premise Status Settings – displays user status based on location whether inside or outside the building Administrator Reporting – System Administrator has access to all user logins, status, and messaging history Receptionist Module – update employee’s on-premise or off-premise status Auto On/Off – set the system to automatically turn pagers on and off at preset times each day Quick Search – locate employees from the directory quickly with predictive text Compatible with all LRS alphanumeric staff and guest pagers Full scalability – add local and global users as company expands Telephone Interface (coming soon) – allows users to page staff from any telephone Push Button Alerts (coming soon) – allow users or customers to page a staff member at the press of a button

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