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Digital ceramic printing and printers from Eileen Hallam Ltd

By: Eileen Hallam Ltd  29/08/2010
Keywords: wall murals, memorial plaques, Kids Murals

Eileen Hallam represents the leading manufacturer of digital ceramic transfers, and digital ceramic decal printing systems.
The service that you as a decorator have always needed is finally available! You can now obtain short-run ceramic transfers suitable for normal on-glaze firing. Choice of red or magenta 4-colour sets.
You do not need to continue suffering long delays because your order is too small.
You no longer need to carry large stocks because of long lead times from your supplier.
If you have been using Dye Sublimation transfers, with their lack of scratch-resistance, you can now obtain genuine ceramic transfers with all of the properties associated with classical ceramic ware.
Suitable for outside use, as well as indoor.
If you have been using digital transfers printed on the Italian system, which leave a halo around many designs, there is an alternative - this is the only system to use fully fluxed ceramic colours, which means no halo.
The company already supplies several major tile manufacturers in the UK, who are producing outstanding results with bespoke designs and individual wall murals, swimming pool designs etc
Customers include small, medium and large users of ceramic decals, and almost 300 customers have invested in the complete patent-protected printing system. Systems have been sold in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Greece, Italy and many other countries.
If you have a computer, are au fait with Photoshop, and require more than 20 sheets per week, it could be cost-effective to purchase (or lease) a printing system.
Ideal for funerary / memorial plaques, thimbles, personalised mugs, collectors’ plates, badged hotelware, award plaques, etc
If required, the company will also apply and fire the decals onto your ware – ideal for personalised giftware.

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