Ceramic supplies

Ceramic supplies from Eileen Hallam Ltd

By: Eileen Hallam Ltd  29/08/2010
Keywords: wall murals, memorial plaques, childrens murals

Eileen Hallam offers 10 solutions for your decal requirements:
Digital ceramic transfers for 1-offs, promotional ware, wall murals, etc
Digital ceramic systems (print your own digital transfers). Also ceramic toner, covercoat laminate, decal laser paper, etc
Printing & application of digital transfers onto the ceramic ware of your choice
Open stock transfers - a wide selection of designs
Control printing of your own designs in Stoke-on-Trent
Larger quantities of your own designs printed in Asia
Ceramic colours for decal-printing
Reel-to-reel heat-release decals for ceramics, glass, candles, etc
Reel-to-reel decal-application machines Reel-to-reel decal-printing machines

Eileen Hallam also offers blank bone china mugs and thimbles, ready for decoration.

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