Drugs and Alcohol Testing and Policy Services

By: ScreenSafe UK  22/08/2009
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ScreenSafe UK offers a single source solution to your testing needs. From employers concerned about the effects of drugs and alcohol on their business to Legal/Medico professionals concerned with family law, forensic evidence, psychiatric practice, DNA (including complex relationship) etc. We can also assist private individuals who may need help and advice in this area. With our ever increasing number of world leading products and services and our high levels of customer service and quality, we guarantee that we are unrivalled by any other.

Quality of products and results can differ hugely from company to company. Not all testing is the same – so please call us to discuss your specific requirements so we can assist you to find what best suits your needs. We will let you know ALL the facts to empower you with choice.

For Legal/Medico professionals, we offer the UK’s most accurate and widest range of analysis available for Drugs and Alcohol. Our laboratory’s pioneering techniques are celebrated worldwide and lead the way where other’s follow. For example, our laboratory has been analyzing for Alcohol in hair for almost a decade now. We can offer the same level of sensitivity and detection as offered by other UK companies, but can also offer you higher sensitivity tests on a wider range of substances. For example we can detect for Benzodiazepines that are not included in other companies’ analysis. This fine detail can often be crucial in a case. Our World leading quality and reputation means we are often the choice for “high profile” cases where dependability on results and expert witness is a pre-requisite. This has included successful challenges of hair analysis results provided by other companies. We also provide a psychiatrist service, specializing in the area of drug, alcohol and substance abuse. Referrals to this service often result in a higher level of understanding of how long term results may impact on an individual’s life and their role in the family unit. See the section for further information.

Based on nationally formulated frameworks, specifically designed for the implementation of formal processes, our workplace programme includes policy writing & amendment, the development of quality procedures, training and assessment for managers, employee briefing, welfare support, specialist random selection software , drug information and data service and lifestyle and health education in addition to our established workplace screening and testing services.

Our procedures, based on the framework of the Substances Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) guidelines within the US, reflect the Company’s commitment to providing analysis and support services to the highest possible standards. Our Drugs and Alcohol Testing and Consultancy Services are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standards and we guarantee that the laboratory services our customers receive are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standards via internationally recognized bodies such as UKAS and COFRAC; a standard that only a handful of laboratories can claim to achieve. Our primary focus has always been on Quality not Quantity and, instead of just meeting minimum standards, we have World authorities guiding our team which means it is only common sense to choose ScreenSafe UK.

A variety of products and services are also offered including medicals (P.T.S., pre-employment, executive screening, etc), a complete HAVS screening and management programme, audiometry testing etc.

As a truly independent company, we are able to offer the broadest range of products and services available. We are free to advise what is best for your needs. We are flexible and forward thinking and are happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

ScreenSafe UK was born out of a vision of providing a quality service and meeting employers' demands for a better drugs and alcohol testing solution, far exceeding that normally found within traditional occupational health. With the combined efforts of our centralised Head Office and our Regional Officers, we are dedicated to building mutually rewarding, long-standing relationships with our customers, associates, colleagues, suppliers and all other stakeholders with whom we work.

At ScreenSafe UK we believe that drugs and alcohol testing in the workplace is about managing safety, welfare, and cultural development by working closely with business and social communities. We gain a detailed understanding of our customers’ services, organisational structures, their style of operation, and their precise requirements. We believe this personal, professional approach to business ensures we provide the right screening solution for each customer, every time.

At ScreenSafe UK our core values, that are now our trademark, go hand in hand with what we are trying to achieve ……

• We always strive to do things better
• We all aim to achieve the same objectives, together
• We are always helpful to our customers and give a first rate service
• We build trust by the way we perform
• We develop ourselves and others in making a valued contribution

As a truly independent company, ScreenSafe UK are proud to display the Link-Up logo. This accreditation enables us to supply into the Rail Industry, which has been testing for Drugs and Alcohol since the 1980's. This is only awarded once stringent quality control audits have been completed. These standards must be met every year. We are also to the London Underground Limited, ISO9001 accredited and “Chas” accredited (see “Quality Assured” section).

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