Testimonial from Integrated Protection Ltd

Testimonial from Integrated Protection Ltd from PukkaGenTek Ltd

By: PukkaGenTek Ltd  01/06/2011
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So what’s so Special About The PC Support Group?

 I run an operations department at work where the PC is a fundamental part of the day to day operation and blah, blah. blah,  we have all heard the storylines, well not from me, I am 56 years of age ,run a department where years ago everything was handwritten and I mean everything. It’s fair to say I haven't readily accepted the age of the PC.

 Some of my junior staff have a little giggle at the old man when he curses the “Damn Machine” because it will not do what he want it to But I am not that naive that I am not aware of their bit of fun at my expense or indeed just how important that “Damn Machine” is to my Company, my Department Oh and of course to my family.

 At home my two lads , my partner and myself have some 4 laptops and a desktop oh and you name the game machine we have it , more than likely we have two of it !! How many games can you play in one evening?

By this time I have probably painted a picture of someone that is dead against the demon PC and its family of dreaded games machines well, surprise surprise  not at all, I have mellowed and why or how ? You may well be asking, simple, I was introduced to that chap at the PC Support Group, he is down to earth and guess what? He can talk plain simple English to me and in some other language to my IT men. Can those chaps really be from planet Earth?

 I have the PC Support Group looking after the Pc’s at work and at home and believe me when I say, I would not be without that peace of mind, they take away all the stress and strain when a problem hits, and they do. I have even used the service  after five PM , I don’t get home from work until well after 6 pm so what's the good of a nine to five set up to me at work or at home?

 You should see the look on my families faces when I go into their rooms and say “That’s sorted” they think Dad is marvellous!!! Well why not, who am I to argue?

 Well if I haven’t convinced  you just how good the PC support Group are then get your IT chap to speak to them, but make sure you get a dictionary and a translator.

 Dave Poyner

 Operations and Health and Safety Manager

Integrated Protection Ltd

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