NetSearch from Connexica

By: Connexica  18/11/2010
Keywords: search engines, analytics, Performance Management

Connexica have developed and continue to develop a cutting edge product called NetSearch which is a business intelligence technology that is fundamentally different from what is regarded as “traditional BI”.


Traditional fixed BI reporting is great however what happens when a user wants to ask a question of their data that no one has thought of before? They either need to be SQL experts, write a query and wait an hour for the result or get the IT department to build an OLAP cube and then get them to write a report to get at the required information.

Connexica have seen the advent of search engine technology as a means of solving a problem that has been around for 30 years or more.

Connexica are looking at things differently. We have invested considerable time, effort and money in looking at how search engine technology can be utilised to plug many of the gaps in traditional BI. Our software is unique. We have had this confirmed through industry experts at Ovum, Butler and Bloor. We are discarding the traditional blue-print for BI and developing technologies that are lightning fast, scale to terabytes and petabytes of data and can be used by anyone, not just the high fore headed techies. It’s difficult but it’s what makes us different.

Keywords: Ad-hoc Enquiry, analytics, business intelligence, Dashboards, data mining, Data Warehousing, information management, KPIs, Performance Management, search engines,