Sea kayaking comes to Skopelos

Sea kayaking comes to Skopelos from Aegean Escapes

By: Aegean Escapes  21/11/2011
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Explore Skopelos Sea kayaking holidays Skopelos Skopelos with its deserted beaches, rugged cliffs, sea caves and small islands is the perfect location to explore by sea kayak, New for 2012 are our guided sea kayaking Skopelos holidays, join us for a day or stay for a week the choice is yours. Its taken many years for us to build our knowledge of sea kayaking around these Greek islands and their coast lines, and even longer to battle the red tape in Greece that seems to dissuade people from wanting to encourage visitors! Finally we have got there, last few things to do, and then its off to buy kayaks and safety equipment ready to take our visitors sea kayaking in Skopelos. We are based on the island of Skopelos, part of the Northern Sporadies located in the Aegean sea. The climate here consists of warm dry summers, but not too hot! This extends well into the spring and autumn. Winters here are wet and windy. Unlike many Greek islands we don't suffer too badly from the Meltemi (the strong summer winds), making this area the perfect location for getting out on the water in a kayak. Our Greek kayaking base is the traditional hillside village of Glossa located at the north end of the island, where it is peaceful and tranquil. You don't have to waste your valuable kayak time looking for accommodation as we can organise this for you. Spend more of your time out on the crystal clear water exploring with us, seeing different parts of the coast or revisiting your favorite spots, it's up to you. The weather plays an important part of any activity, especially those that take place on the sea, so we have secured the permission from the local authority to launch from any of the beaches on Skopelos. Allowing us to make the most of the winds, heading for calm waters to explore at a leisurely pace, or for those with more experience and wanting the adrenalin rush we can go to find the waves. You can book a single day trip, or stay for longer. Visit kayaking Greece or follow the links below for further information about getting out on the water with us. Each morning we will meet in Glossa for breakfast and to discuss any areas that you would particularly like to visit and depending on the weather, make our plans for the days kayaking. The coast line of Skopelos consists of secret beaches, sea caves, tunnels and miles of rocks and cliffs. There are also small islands off the coast that are inhabited with a plethora of nesting sea birds, Hawks, Buzzards and the Eleanora falcon. Very often while paddling out to these island the local pod of Dolphins will put in an appearance, along with our resident big old seal and sea turtles. During the spring and early summer we may be lucky enough to spot Whales and even an occasional Basking shark sucking up large quantities of Plankton. Later in the season the Tuna appear, usually signified by huge flocks of Gulls trying to get their share of the bate fish that are being herded to the surface by the hunting Tuna, in their excitement they come flying out of the water. If we're lucky enough to spot one of these feeding frenzies, get your camera ready as some of these stunning fish grow to more than 2 meter in length and weigh in at well over 100kg, but forget trying to keep up with as these majestic creatures, as they can swim at more than 40 miles per hour! Other things to enjoy here are early starts, or late finishes, there's nothing better in my view than sitting peacefully in a kayak watching a new day dawn, or a wonderful sunset as the daylight draws to a close on one of those perfect days, then paddle back peacefully to a beach for a well earned tipple and tasty BBQ. The day trips are based on your ability and how far you want to go, its not a race, nor is it a marathon, but an opportunity to spend some time on the water in good company, hopefully grabbing a glimpse of one of natures amazing creatures going about their daily life's, while we enter their world, if only briefly but with as little impact on this delicate ecosystem as possible. During the winter months our kayaks don't sit idle, they are used by the community of Skopelos, in our non-profit making kayak club, where we teach the local children and adults the joys of this sport, including, learning to roll a sea kayak, and how to stay safe at sea, while also letting them see at first hand, the stunning beauty of their islands coast and the creatures that live on it, and those that lurk beneath the waves. This also gives an opportunity to educate people in how best we can protect the environment we live in, how much we can take from it, and how much we need to put back into it, so that can we protect it and the creatures that live in it, for our self's and for future generations to enjoy. I hope you enjoyed our post. Neil and Yvonne Aegean Escapes

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