Carpet Cleaning

By: Ljw Cleaning Services  08/04/2011
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LJW cleaning services provide professional carpet cleaning covering a 30miles radius. Free quotations are available by ringing Lee on: 07800 756 302 orvisiting our website at: and filling in the free quote form.



So why should you get your carpet cleaned? Let me give you a few reasons.


The first reason is appearance; a clean floor gives a good firstimpression. You don't want to have company over and find them looking at yourdirty carpet!


Secondly dirtis abrasive matter and will damage the carpet if left in place. Every step youtake on a dirty carpet will wear the stain deeper into the fibres permanentlydamaging your carpet. Therefore staying on top of stains and spills works out alot cheaper in the long run when compared to having to replace a carpet due tolack of attention.


The last reason is for your health, a clean carpet is simply healthier!You don’t want your children to crawling around on a dirty carpet. A carpet islike a giant air filter for your home, It traps dust and dirt and keeps it outof the air we breathe. This filter should be cleaned from time to time.


As you can see, there are many reasons to clean your carpet regularly.What are you waiting for? LJW call a cleaning service for great prices.

Call Lee on:07800756 302 or simply visit our website at:



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