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By: European Used Car Consultancy Ltd  01/08/2009
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Knowing how many customers or potential customers have crossed the threshold into your business is one of the most important Key Performance Indicators for any business – no matter what they are selling or the size of the business itself.

Understanding how many opportunities to do business and when you are getting them is crucial especially when you are planning marketing campaigns, special offers, opening hours and staffing levels. For example if you were operating a food shop and you recorded a marked increase in lunch time traffic this may encourage you to increase the number of sandwiches, crisps and drinks on your display. But should you do this everyday of the week? Is Friday as busy as Monday? And what hours are the busiest? Do local shift patterns affect your company?

A footfall counter enables you to bespoke your business and ensures that you are a position to provide your customers with excellent service levels 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our Footfall Counter automatically uploads data to the internet and is then made available to you in easily understandable activity reports.

Using our Footfall Counter you will enjoy total understanding of customer visits and conversion rates. This is a 24/7 employee that never has holidays or time off!

  • Never again will you have to ask your staff "was it busy at the weekend?"
  • Easily track response to your latest campaign
  • Compare previous year, previous month and previous week statistics
  • Compare sales staff conversion ratios
  • Plan staffing levels
  • Bespoke your business – provide appropriate products


Keywords: Footfall counter

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