Battery aquamatic topping up system

Battery aquamatic topping up system from Powerflex Batteries Ltd

By: Powerflex Batteries Ltd   19/09/2013
Keywords: Battery chargers, uninterruptible power supplies, rechargeable batteries

Single point watering kit parts Single point watering kits parts low pressure system can be bought as a kit or as singular components. The kit contains watering head, Floats, connecting pieces, t pieces and cross piece, pipe in 6mm and 10mm, watering head and float, pipe to compress fitting pipe end cap Powerflex has launched a single-point battery watering system for its line of flooded batteries for renewable energy and backup power applications. The new watering system makes maintenance of the batteries faster, easier and safer. Proper maintenance and periodic watering are important factors in maximizing the performance and life of batteries, with the new single-point watering kit, precise battery watering is made easy and can fill a set of batteries in 30 seconds, saving valuable time and money. The single-point watering kit comes in three configurations to fit 12V, 24V and 48V battery models. The kits are designed for single system installation. For systems with multiple systems, additional kits can be added at the required system voltage. Powerflex single-point watering kit is designed to take the guess work and mess out of properly watering flooded batteries. The flexible tube routing allows the watering system to work with various battery bank sizes and configurations. It also features an automatic valve shut-off to control the electrolyte level within each cell which prevents overwatering. In addition, the kit enables users to fill their deep-cycle batteries without having to remove the vent covers, an important safety feature which reduces the chance for contact with the battery’s electrolyte.

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