~ Personalised Rice Pendants ~

By: Aurora Gemstones  29/04/2011
Keywords: wedding jewellery, gift shop, handmade jewellery

In many cultures rice is a symbol of wealth and fertility - which is why it became a wedding ritual to shower a new bride with rice.

Writing on rice is a traditional Turkish artform, which requires great skill and much practice to be done well.  It is thought that those who possess a grain of rice with a message inscribed on it will recieve good luck, fortune & protection.
Each grain of rice is carefully inscribed with the name or names of your choosing and preserved in a beautifully handcrafted glass charm filled with magnifying oil & the decorations of your choice.

The finished pendants are so versatile, they can be hung from necklace cords, bracelets, anklets, mobile phone or handbag charms, the list is endless.  They make very special, unique & individual gifts or keepsakes.

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