Filter-Sock - the oil and water separator and filter

Filter-Sock - the oil and water separator and filter from SERPRO Ltd

By: SERPRO Ltd  11/05/2013
Keywords: oil, filter, Separator

Filter-sock is an innovative filtration system which offers significant economic and environmental benefits. The Filter-sock filtration system is one of the most simple and economical ways of dealing with contaminated water being pumped out of manholes, vaults, sumps, bunds, retention ponds and ditches. The Filter-Sock is priced at £49.50 and there is a current introductory offer of buy 2 or more socks and get a rotary hand pump free. It uses multistage filtration to remove hydrocarbons and sediment to almost non-detectable levels. Extremely efficient, it can be used in a wide range of de-watering applications without slowing up the pumping process. Good for your business and good for the environment. The Filter-sock filtration system means that you don’t have to take contaminated water away by tanker for cleaning elsewhere. It also means that you can avoid releasing contaminated water into the environment. Offering both cost savings and a way of reducing tanker traffic and pollution risks, Filter-sock is especially attractive to companies registered for BSN EN ISO 14001 certification. Technical Specifications Filter-sock has been designed to filter sediments with its purpose made ‘piled’ internal filter and oils and fuels withits “Hydrophobic Lay-Flat’ tube. It features a multi-layered filtration system contained within a 400cm long and 25cm wide flexible sock. Designed to filter sediments down to very fine particle sizes, independent performance testing shows that the filter removes 99% of sediment and oils & fuels. It is designed to optimize filtration without reducing flow rates. Using Filter-sock Filter-sock comes with full instructions and is very easy to operate. It can be moved around the site as needed. It rolls out and can be used several times until the sock is full. It is then rolled up, sealed in a clean, leak-proof package and secured inside a plastic bag. Filter-sock is supplied with an adjustable hose clip for easy connecting to hoses and pipes ranging from 25mm to 50mm. Available from SERPRO at Tel 01622 236303 - Contact: Adrian Tilley Click here for more information on Filter-Sock - the oil and water separator and filter

Keywords: filter, oil, Separator

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