Free Solar Panels

By: Solar Roof Solutions  06/09/2011
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Solar Roof Solutions and Maidston Energy are now able to install solar panels FREE of charge on eligible roofs - and even with UK weather, that could save you a third off your electricity bill. Not only are the panels free, but so is the installation. And we'll maintain the whole system free of charge for 25 years. Just click the here, give us a few details and we'll let you know if your roof is eligible. The top Benefits for Having Free Solar Installed: Free Electricity from the Sun. You can use as much as you like of the free energy produced by the system, and you will reap the benefits with lower energy bills with savings that will increase as bills rise over time. No Big up Front Investment. You don't have to commit yourself to a large upfront payment, and you start making electricity net savings much faster. Increase the Value of Your Home. Surveys suggest that home-buyers would favour a home that is energy efficient and has renewable energy saving measures over one that has none. Cut Your Carbon Footprint. Every year you can save on average 1 tonne of CO2 energy by using the solar 'clean' energy. Free 25 Year Guarantee. We all want to make sure the solar electric is performing fantastically, so we will be fully monitoring and maintaining the system for you.

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