Architectural Illustration

Architectural Illustration from seed3D Ltd

By: seed3D Ltd  17/11/2010
Keywords: Digital imaging, 3d modelling, architectural illustration

Architectural Illustration is an excellent tool for Architects, Interior designers
and developers to visualise their designs before they are built.

At the initial design stages an Architectural Illustrator can produce white card
massing models for you, so you can visualise the shape, form and order of your
design. Leading on from this, once your design is frimed up, Architectural
Illustrations can be used for planning submissions, competition entries and
publlic meetings, all of which require feedback from people, and what better way
to show your design to its fullest effect then by using an Architectural Illustration.

The benefits of a good Architectural Illustration don't stop there, you can start
marketing your design straight away, instead of waiting until your design is built,
you can use Architectural Illustrations as a really effective marketing tool to sell
or let your designs off plan. This can be done by using interior Architectural
Illustrations, animated walk throughs, panoramas and more Exterior Illustrations,
which can be incorporated into site bill boards, brochures or dvd's.

It's never too early to start marketing your design and a good Architectural
Illustrator can help you do this.

Keywords: 3d modelling, architectural animation, architectural illustration, architectural rendering, Digital imaging