Rock Star Katz, Testimonials Pixie Bob Kittens

Rock Star Katz, Testimonials Pixie Bob Kittens from Rock Star Katz

By: Rock Star Katz  13/02/2011
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 From the moment I heard about Pixie Bobs, I wanted one desperately. I contacted Rock Star Katz and Louise answered all of my questions and from there it was smooth sailing. Louise kept me informed about everything right from the beginning and once the kittens were born I received loads of photographs and updates on how they were doing. I could not be happier with Bukowski. He is gorgeous, intelligent, loving and has exceeded all my expectations! I cannot thank Louise and Rock Star Katz enough for bringing Buk into our lives! I would recommend them to anyone that wanted a true Pixie Bob from a loving and professional breeder.

Heather Budd
Finance & Membership Manager
The Society for Experimental Biology

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