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By: Rock Star Katz  12/02/2011
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The Pixie Bob is thought to have originally developed from the natural mating of barn cats and Bobcats within Washington state, where the Coastal Red Bobcat thrives. A number of these "natural hybrid" kittens were discovered and became the foundation for the Pixie Bob breed. Pixie Bobs going back to these original lines are called "Blue List". Selective breeding has produced a large boned and loving cat with the personality and devotion of a faithful dog.
Pixie Bobs resemble Bobcats in many ways they have a thick double layered coat standing up from the body which is adorned with a spotting pattern in a light tan to rufus colouring. The texture is quite woolly and comes in both shorthair and longhair. The longhaired Pixie Bobs have a softer texture to the coat, and the coat length is medium. Pixie Bobs are of impressive build with substantial boning, a tall rangy body with incredible muscle tone and large thick toes. A straight foot Pixie Bob has the normal number of toes allotted to a cat, 5 on the front and 4 on the back. A poly or polydactyl Pixie Bob has more than the usual allotted number. Being polydactyl is such a dominant trait that this is the only breed accepted for show with more than the usual number of toes. Males average 20 pounds with females averaging about 14 pounds in weight and unlike most other domestic cats they keep growing for up to 3 years of age. Their face gives the Pixie Bob it's unusual Bobcat look, small almond shaped eyes, a thick fleshy chin, puffy nose, heavy brow, lynx tipped ears and an inverted pear shaped head. The natural bob-tail can vary in length with the ideal show requirement being 2" to hock length on an adult cat; they are frequently kinked but should have flexibility and natural movement. Long tails are also perfectly acceptable for pet or breeding as this is reminiscence of Pixie who was the namesake and the original dam line of the breed.

Pixie Bobs are highly intelligent, active, bold, courageous, and enjoy playing with other animals and children. They are highly sociable and like to be in the same room as their owners, and you should expect them to follow their owners around the house. Other personality characteristics are head butting; chirping "language" (communicating with owners and other Pixie Bobs) by different chirps; most don't meow very often, and some don't meow at all. They love to play fetch, like to be walked on a leash and will sit at the door (like a dog) waiting for their owners to return home. They are the most intelligent of all domestic cats and capable of understanding some human words and phrases.
It is estimated that there are no more than 500 Pixie Bobs in all of the UK, this breed is still extremely rare and only enjoyed by a select few amongst the millions of cat owners today.


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