Graffiti Wipes

Graffiti Wipes from Marken Powerclean

By: Marken Powerclean  18/06/2010
Keywords: graffiti removal, anti graffiti, Graffiti cleaning

Marken Graffiti Wipes provide a one-step cleaning system, combining a high-quality safe graffiti-remover formulation and an absorbent, non-scratching wiper.

Packed in tubs each containing 150 (240mm x 300mm) wipes.

Marken Anti-Graffiti Wipes loosen, break down and dissolve paint and graffiti from most hard, non-porous surfaces.

These moist wipes require no additional liquids as the highly effective cleaning solution helps clear all forms of graffiti and marks leaving all surfaces free of graffiti in no time at all.

Wearing protective gloves, simply wipe away graffiti and stains, then dispose of the used cloth responsibly.

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