Laser Teeth Whitening and Whitening Products for Sparkling Teeth

By: Impression Teeth Whitening  27/09/2012
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Tooth whitening is a safe to brighten your smile. There are several alternatives available, from simple teeth whitening products to specialized treatment at your dentist. Whitening pens and gels purchased over-the-counter are relatively affordable and provide good results.

Laser Teeth Whitening

The use of laser for teeth is relatively new; a wavelength of laser light is used for this unique procedure. The light is well targeted while it interacts with the tissues. It is very effective and the results are stunning, that is why; although it’s quite expensive, it is becoming very popular. When you seek medical help, the dentist will evaluate your gum condition before deciding on the best procedure. This is because concentrated solutions are used in the whitening process.

The first stage for laser teeth whitening involves a thorough cleaning of your teeth which is called scaling. The tartar and the stains on your teeth surface are removed with scaling. A photograph of the teeth is taken in order to record its shade. Protective gel is applied on your gums to harden it. It is then shielded from the chemical solution by covering it well with cotton rolls. A good cheek retractor is appropriately placed to avoid the cheeks touching the teeth. A suitable protective material that can separate the lips and gums is also used.

The peroxide solution combined with the whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth and the laser light is focused on it. This results in eliminating the pigment build-up. The laser light is exposed on the teeth for about 15 minutes after which the gel is replaced by a fresh coat and the process is repeated. The result is brilliantly white teeth, 10 times brighter than your original shade.

Teeth Whitening Products

You can whiten teeth on your own by using teeth whitening products available in most pharmacies. Whitening toothpastes are suitable only for teeth with mild surface stains. Some of them contain gentle chemical agents that will have a better effect. However, toothpastes do not have bleach; hence only one shade of whitening is possible. Very thin strips coated with peroxide-based gel can be used to whiten teeth. This has to be applied for half-an- hour for a fortnight; the results are good and will last for not less than 4 months. Whitening rinse is relatively new; it reduces gum disease, dental plaque and gives a fresh breath. Manufacturers claim favourable results with its use for 3 months. Tray-based whiteners involve filling a tray similar to a mouth-guard with a gel. This has to be worn for four weeks or more according to the discolouration.

Tips about Teeth Whitening Gels

While purchasing teeth whitening gels, you have to be careful to get the right product. Often, one product may be good for an individual but not for another. Therefore, the right product may be obtained only after a few trials. Instructions on the packaging should be carefully   followed. In order to maintain the whiteness, you have to avoid beverages such as tea, coffee and sodas and also quit smoking. Proper oral hygiene and a good mouth rinse will keep your teeth clean and white. Whitening products with a whitening gel cannot be used by lactating and pregnant women.

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