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By: Impression Teeth Whitening  12/12/2012
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The teeth whitening industry has rapidly expanded since the 1980s, in fact amongst all cosmetic procedures around the world Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is the most desirable with its competitive price availability. are now easily purchased online with a large selection on offer, At Impression we have only produce the desirable and effective whitening products that guarantee results.

Teeth Whitening Products

Impression Teeth whitening products are used not only by world dentist but packaged for consumers looking for a good take home product. Impression offers the Teeth Whitening Pen amongst many with its very easy application. The Impression Teeth Whitening Pen is administrated once a day or every second day for only 1-2 minutes and achieves great results without the need of trays. It’s a simply method of whitening which can be used on the go.

Don’t be fooled by the short treatment time of the Impression Teeth Whitening pen it’s designed for fast impact whitening which will gently remove surface stains caused by tea, coffee, tobacco and general discoloration of your teeth.

Simply brush on and rinse away. Other useful products include the Teeth Whitening kits which come with mouth trays and mini LED light.

Should you fancy trying your hands at becoming a qualified whitening technician then look no further, Impression are able to provide a package that will do just that. With the Impression package we will offer a full recognized qualification in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening including equipment from, Eye protectors, Whitening laser lights, 3D Teeth Guide, Curing Light and much more.

Teeth Whitening Gels

Achieving sparkling white teeth is not so difficult today with our advanced patented professional available from various partners around the world. It’s always best to consult your dentist or by calling us or one of our stockiest direct before purchasing our range of professional whitening gels. Identifying which gel will work best for you and your client is a must in reducing sensitivity and achieving the best possible results.

Laser Teeth Whitening

can ONLY be performed by a dental professional and trained Cosmetic Whitening Technicians, You will undergo a consultation which will be based on a series of questions including a visual check to determine whether or not you can undergo the whitening treatment. Once you are given the all clear, you will undergo 3 x 15 minutes of whitening acceleration. Depending on the individual a gel that will more suit you will be picked.

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