LED indoor grow light (120 watt)

LED indoor grow light (120 watt) from hydro station ltd

By: hydro station ltd  24/10/2009
Keywords: grow lights, Led Grow Lights

The most stable and efficient professional grade LED grow lights on the market. The solid construction, heavy duty materials, advanced electronics and superb finish combine to give a product that guarantees to impress and perform.
Use only the exact spectrums required for plant photosynthesis;
Built-in thermo-sensitive devices cut off power supply when over-heating happens, either due to high ambient temperature or ventilation fans problem;
The low heat emission eliminates the need for ducting & heat exhaust fans;
Built-in cooling system(thermostatically controlled fans) solve the heat dissipation excellently;
Environment-friendly: Don‘t contain the harmful substance HPS & MH have, much less hazardous No setup required - this is a plug-n-play grow light;
OEM/ODM or customized integrated grow lighting solutions are available as well.

Keywords: grow lights, Led Grow Lights