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By: F1 Hoverpod Ltd  02/03/2011
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Be prepared to bear witness to the birth of a "Brand New Motor Sport" from Great Britain.
F1 Hoverpod Racing is the most exciting and exhilarating event that took the world by storm in all four corners of the globe.
Never before has a Motor Sport managed to overcome the elements such as Snow, Ice, Water or Land as a Hoverpod achieves with such ease. The ability to travel at high speed across almost ever known surface with no loss of power has finally arrived and the opportunity to join in is here and now.
F1 Hoverpod Racing is based upon a Family or Lifestyle Club where every member of the club can either join the Gymnasium, enjoy a meal in the Restaurant, have a drink at the bar or enter the exciting world of F1 Hoverpod Racing as a pilot in the next race. The F1 Hoverpod Racing ethos is that all members of the family are able to race a Hoverpod and no restriction is imposed for age, sex, culture or religion. If you enjoy high speed and fast action, then this one is for you.
F1 Hoverpod Racing can be found at and you are welcome to request details and information through the web site. The intention is to launch into several countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, India and UK through a well thought out franchise model. As the Hoverpod is a unique vehicle with some very unusual features that allow for very close racing and very high speed action, it provides for the most exciting time ever and we guarantee it to be the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
F1 Hoverpod Ltd provides a series of web sites including a "News Site" at and as F1 Hoverpod Ltd has won many awards for its hard work and effort and for those who choose to view these awards they can be found at
We look forward to seeing you all at some point in a Hoverpod in your local venue and club and until then, we wish you all well.

Keywords: Fast

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