Feed in Tariff halved for Solar PV- Act now to reap benefits

Feed in Tariff halved for Solar PV- Act now to reap benefits from Azure Eco Ltd

By: Azure Eco Ltd  02/11/2011
Keywords: renewable energy, solar energy, Solar PV

Solar Panels biggest earning contributor, the feed in tariff is to be halved as of 12th December 2011.  Although Solar panels, with their ability to reduce electricity bills and CO2 emissions, have only become hot news over the past year or so, the Government has announced plans to cut the subsidy from 43p to 21p meaning investors will earn only half of the money that is currently up for grabs.  

How does solar work?  
When installed, solar panels catch the sun’s rays and absorb solar energy.  When harnessed using renewable energy technology, solar panels enable you to generate your own electricity. 

Solar panels have a number of benefits.  Aside from reducing investors’ carbon footprint, there are three main areas where solar panels can make you money.   

Free electricity  
The energy you generate via solar panels is immediately available to you free of charge.  It does not get drawn through your electricity meter, so reductions in your electricity bill are achieved from the date of install.  

Get paid for the electricity you generate  
This is one of the ways where the feed in tariff (FIT) comes into play.  Under the current subsidy, you can be paid for the electricity you generate, whether you use it yourself or not.  At present, the Government pay 43.3p to homeowners for every unit of electricity that is generated, but recent reports have revealed this will be cut to 21p as of 12th December 2011.  A cut meaning only half the amount of money can be earned using Solar PV.  

Sell electricity back to the grid  
Aside from being paid for the electricity you generate, you can also be paid for any excess electricity you sell back to the grid.  This equates at 3.1p for every kWh of electricity that is sold back.  

Act now to make £55,000 over 25 years  
With the current feed in tariff, homeowners can make £55,000 over 25 years.  This really is the time to act if you are interested, as only the systems physically installed by 12th December will benefit from the higher rate, which will be guaranteed for 25 years.  

Where to go from here  
Like many other Solar Installers, James Muse, Managing Director at Azure Eco is distraught to hear of the feed in tariff cut, “In a booming industry, it is devastating to hear that investments will no longer be as satisfying for our customers.  Although rumours of a price drop were looming, it is a real shock to learn of such a big cut especially in a time when homeowners are being urged to be more energy conscious and to reduce their carbon footprints”.  

Azure Eco are urging those interested in seeing the best possible benefits of solar panels to act right away.  Since the announcement they have received an influx of calls and capacity is starting to rise.  To avoid disappointment, Azure Eco stress that customers should get in touch as soon as possible.  For further information about solar panels, visit www.azure-eco.co.uk or email info@azure-eco.co.uk.

Keywords: renewable energy, solar energy, Solar PV