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By: bluewolfpsychic  23/03/2011
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If we had a time machine, it would be a fascinating thing to be able to go back and visit ourselves in the past, and to see who we were and how we lived, and who was there with us. Past life regression takes the place of the time machine, and enables us to do exactly that! What a wonderful, thrilling experience, and enriching to our understanding of ourselves and other people, to be able to take advantage of this exciting technology! 

At your first consultation, for which there is no charge, your personal details will be noted down, and your reasons for and expectations of past life regression will be discussed. You will also be told whether this technique is suitable for any condition for which you want help. If not, other forms of help will be suggested.   You will receive some information about hypnosis, and if you wish, experience a short introductory trance induction. You will also be informed how many sessions might be useful to you, although you are of course never required to attend more sessions than you find helpful and enjoyable.  
At your next visit,after opportunity to discuss any issue which may have arisen since your last visit, you will be assisted to enter a full hypnotic trance. You will then be guided through the process of revisiting a past life. The process will normally be recorded, and you will be given a copy of the recording so that you can replay this at your leisure. When your journey into the past is completed, you will be returned comfortably to the present, and can discuss your experiences with the therapist.
Each session lasts approximately 1 hr. , although if you need longer you will get this at no additional cost.   Subsequent sessions will follow roughly the same format, although you will normally be visiting different past lives, or on occasion may wish to revisit one already experienced. A course of 3 or 4 sessions is usually enough to enable you to gain considerable useful and interesting insight into your past life experiences.   

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