Acoustic Absorber H2000 Flexitrap

Acoustic Absorber H2000 Flexitrap from Hannibal Acoustics

By: Hannibal Acoustics  05/10/2010
Keywords: Acoustic Consulting, Acoustic Tiles

We love this absorber. It embodies a lot of what we set out to do when we formed .

As the name suggests the Flexi Trap has a unique design that allows it to be mounted in three different positions. It will fit flat as a general control unit in mix position or corner trap position, or on either axis as a mid to low frequency control unit. Made from high density Graphite fire retardant foam with a mineral wool slab at it's heart using genuine Velcro heavy duty grab pads that anchor the unit in position quickly and efficiently. As acousticians this made sense to us, more trapping for your money, and more flexibility in where you place them. As musicians we wanted to be able to get great neutral monitoring in a small space as let's face it, most project studios are space limited. We wanted great mix transferability too, and for that we needed a flat response room. So we made the H2000.

Keywords: Acoustic Consulting, Acoustic Tiles