Calgel Nails

Calgel Nails from Victoria Rose Nails

By: Victoria Rose Nails  19/10/2010
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Why Choose Calgel Nails?

  • The Calgel Nail System offers you an opportunity to transform your hand and feet into nails you will be happy to show off with little effort.


  • Calgel is a soft, flexible gel that can be applied over the natural nail like everlasting polish or can be extended to give instant length either by an artificial plastic tip or a sculpture created by the clear gel.


  • Calgel is like a indestructible 'polish' that will withstand the spectrum of things every person does daily (kids, work, home life) without chipping or lifting (lasts approx. 4 weeks with minimal time/money).


  • Being flexible Calgel feels natural like your own nails and bends with your nails therefore minimal breakages and doesn't feel and look fake!


  • Calgel allows the air/moisture to pass through the product thus preventing fungal infections caused by hard gels and acrylic systems.


  • Calgel has over 90 fashionable colours to suit all occasions and outfits so you will never have to worry about your nails looking last season!


  • Should only be applied only by trained and qualified nail technicians working in nail or beauty salons or at home throughout the UK.

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