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By: More For Paws  22/11/2010
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Whilst you are away your cat, dog or small pets can enjoy their time in the comfort of their own home. This will be far more relaxing than the stress of going into a kennels or cattery whilst you're gone. You will also have the added benefit of your property being more secure and less of a target to burglars and vandals through opening and shutting curtains, removing mail from the door and basic security checks. We can also carry out basic household chores such as watering your plants, feeding fish and buying in milk and bread ready for your return.

24 hour pet sitting - This is the perfect solution for any pet that is not used to being left on their own. A member of staff (who is insured and police checked) will care for your pet in the environment they are most comfortable in, thir own home. This is a fantastic alternative for dogs who don't settle well in kennels and it takes them away from the high risks of injury and illness that a kennel involves.

An added benefit is that your house will be occupied whilst you are away which means it will be less of a target to vandals and burglars than an empty house. Any basic household chores that you require can also be done such as watering the plants, feeding the fish, taking bins out or buying in milk and bread ready for your return. We bring all our own food, drink and bedding, so you just have yourselves to worry about. We guarantee that your pet will not be left for more than 3 hours in the middle of the day and one hour in the evening*

24 hour pet sitting*                           £30 (Extra pets charged at lower rates, depending on type)

Cats - Being more independent creatures we are happy to offer a pet sitting service where we will visit your cat to tend to their needs. During our visits we will feed them, refresh their water, clean out their litter tray and most importantly give them some much needed cuddles and play time.
For 2 x half an hour visits, from          £10 per day (for one cat)                                                       £3 per day (for each additional cat)
(we will consider single visits, please call for a quote)

Small animal visits - Even the smallest of our furry friends needs some pampering occassionaly. We will keep their food and water refreshed and let them enjoy some time out of their cage/hutch....though this would be slightly different for any 8-legged critters! They would also be cleaned out when necessary.

Per half an hour visit                          £5

Overnight stays - This is great for pets that don't like being left alone at night and ideal for dogs in conjunction with visits during the middle of the day. If your pet is fed in the evening they will get their meal when we arrive. For dogs, once their tummies have settled, they will be taken out for a last walk to give them chance to satisfy their toilet needs. After some play and cuddle time your pet will then be settled down for the night and you can relax knowing that some one will be there in the event of an emergency. We provide our own bedding, food and drink so you won't have anything to organise...just yourselves! In the morning your pet will then be fed (if they have a morning feed) and in the case of dogs, another short walk. This service will offer your property extra security, as our presence is more likely to deter any burglars and vandals than an empty house. We can also do any basic household chores you require, please see the 24 hour pet sitting for details.

From 8pm - 8am                                   £15 

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