By: Bskope  19/09/2010
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Have you called a printer for a quote recently and are still waiting for a price? Or are you waiting for a delivery long after it was estimated and when you needed your items?  As part of the family you don’t need to worry about delayed print, waiting days on end for a price or experience the disappointment that the quality just isn’t what you thought it would be.

Well to get us off to a flying start our print is produced in a 45,000sq ft production hub that has been kitted out with the latest in print technology to produce clean, crisp, full colour print in a range of finishes.

As for prices, if you are anything like me you want to know the price there and then, we don’t like waiting days on end for a quotation and we don't expect you to. If you need a price in an instant you got it here (link to products page) to access prices for over 3000 products. If you want to be a bit more touchy feely we have a 88 page buying guide packed with prices, examples and ideas to keep on your desk for whenever you have a creative urge so there is never any more waiting for quotes.

Tired of being let down and print orders delivered late, we don’t like letting people down so we have a simple philosophy, it’s on time or it’s on us! Check out the buying guide either online or your own personal copy, choose your product, approve your art work before 3pm and  receive your print either 3,5,7 or 10 days later we make planning your promotions easy.

Keywords: web services