Restore Rust Remover

Restore Rust Remover from Shield Technology

By: Shield Technology  10/08/2009
Keywords: Maintenance, protection, Boat

Shield Technolgy manufactures the Restore range of rust removal concentrates for dilution by the end user and a gelled version for larger surfaces. A Pre-Clean degreaser designed for use with the derusting system is also available. Restore Rust Remover and Restore Rust Remover Gel are both non-toxic and biodegradable.

Also availabe are products for preventing corrosion including the EngineGuard range of products designed for protecting engines which are used infrequently or are inhibited for long term anti-rust protection. Corrosion inhibitors for protecting external surfaces are also availabe in a low viscosity liquid form - MetalGuard Ultra and as a grease for heavy duty protection - GreaseXtra.

Shield Technology also manufactures ToolGuard VCI which is a highly popular non-contact form of corrosion inhibitor based on state of the are VCI ( Vapouor Phase Inhibitor) technology. These are widely used throughout industry and have been adopted by a number of museums for protecting ferrous metal artefacts against corrosion and rust staining.

Shield Technology products are available from a number of stockists in the UK - See website and overseas and also available for purchase online from our sister company

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