L.E.A.N. Report

L.E.A.N. Report from The Nutrition Academy

By: The Nutrition Academy  04/10/2013
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The LEAN report includes a complete analysis and comprehensive breakdown of your dietary intake. It also includes a complete analysis of your activity levels. All macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) are analysed. This analysis is then compared to you activity analysis to ensure your intake is balanced and matches your energy output (activity levels). Meal content and meal timings are considered to ensure you are fuelling optimally. All micronutrients are analysed to ensure you are getting the correct levels of vitamins and minerals. Special consideration is given to your anti-oxidant intake with their vital role in boosting your immune response. Your activity levels are analysed to see if you are meeting current guidelines for health. If you participate in sports the activity programme is analysed in relation to this. As Dr. Mendoza is a certified personal trainer (20 years experience) he can advise on exercise programming.

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