UK Home Repossessions Stopped

UK Home Repossessions Stopped from For Sale Buyers

By: For Sale Buyers  02/12/2010
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About For Sale Buyers

For Sale Buyers are a well established property buying UK company who specialise in preventing home repossessions, we are also property owners, and property buying agents with our own property portfolios. Our service is available throughout the UK, except Northern Ireland.

The company was established in 2003 by Vince Daw a local private landlord with a property portfolio in and around South Wales, over the years the company has expanded to now own and manage properties in most areas of England, Scotland and Wales, our main offices are located in Cardiff, South Wales.

Over time we have acquired expertise in all maters property, and fully understand the unique pressures that the threat of home repossession can bring, and are fully committed to delivering fast results to stop any further action being taken against our clients.

We provide a quick free and comprehensive service to clients who may for many reasons need a fast solution to stop their home being repossessed. We do not charge any fees, nor do we credit check our clients. We have many methods that will prevent Banks/Lenders from taking your home, many of our clients wish to remain in the same property which can be arranged.

The methods we use are designed to empower the client by placing them in control of the direction and decision making, instead of being led by the lender or their lawyers. This way, the clients get what is best for them and not what is best for the lender.

Everything we do says something about the type of company we are from the enthusiasm of the staff we employ, who are exceptional individuals with a good knowledge of our industry. Through these quality members of staff we have formed a solid team, with each member bringing a unique skill to the company.

Here are some reasons why you may need our service:

  • Relocation

  • Bereavement

  • Financial difficulties

  • Chain breaking

  • Repossession

  • Divorce

  • Emigration

  • A quick sale for cash

  • Discretion in selling, No for sale board

  • A guaranteed sale date

  • No fees or legal fees to pay

  • No estate agent fees

  • Cash for house

  • Rent to own

  • Landlord eager to sell

There are an increasing number of individuals who are in the unfortunate position of being in possession of an eviction notice, and are looking for a solution to stop repossession of their property.

You may be in that position now, and needing to stop repossessionfor a variety of reasons but you have to remember you don’t just lose your home when you are repossessed, you also run the risk of losing personal possessions and any equity you may have in the property.

We understand that mounting debts cause tremendous amounts of pressure and stress, and the last thing you wanted to receive is aneviction notice.

So please call For Sale Buyers today for a private chat, you may find that you are in a strong position and that your situation is not a lost cause after all.

Keywords: buyers, property buyers, property sale