By: Core Conditioning   30/03/2011
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Rugby is a highly intense and physically demanding sport. Whether you're playing for your club or at national league level, a rugby specific training routine will enhance physical development and performance in the areas most critical to your game.

Although physical power and strength is highly regarded as a normal focus for most rugby training, combining power and strength training with core stability, stamina and endurance techniques, are vital to gaining competitive advantage for your rugby team.

Players with increased strength and balance and endurance, will provide significant improvements and more consistent results with fast moving ball management techniques, as well as improved performance in the defence, tackling and the offensive side of the game.

There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes on the Rugby pitch, with each individual having their set role in the game. With players amalgamating as a team, every player can benefit from the following basic physical requirements, to develop a team with no weak links.

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