Suplliers of MCS accredited wood burning boilers

By: Eco Angus Ltd  05/01/2011
Keywords: biomass, Biomass boilers, Biomass Boiler

Eco Angus Ltd is a supplier of wood burning boilers.

Our products can provide all your central heating and domestic hot water requirements at approximately half the price of fossil fuels.

Our complete range of wood gasification log boilers and our wood pellet boiler have full MCS accreditation so will be eligible for grants under the forthcoming renewable heat incentive.

For example this will typically pay a grant in the order of £1000 per year for a 40kW log boiler over a 15 year period and this grant would outweigh the installed value of the product even without the large fuel savings.

The typical pay back period with grant availability is around 3 to 5 years.

These boilers are ideal for retrofits or new builds. They ideally are sited in an out building, a garage, a boiler room, a utility room or a cellar. They can be installed on open vented or pressurized systems. They can be linked with your existing heating system and it is possible to maintain your existing heat source such as an oil boiler or gas boiler if you so choose.

The boilers must be installed with an accumulator tank which is typically 50:1 ratio of thermal store to kW output. The typical wood consumption for our boiler range is 10 tonnes for 25kW output. The boilers are rated at 92% heat efficiency and are CO2 neutral.

They are typically loaded twice a day from the autumn through to the spring and once every five to seven days in the summer when you only have a domestic hot water requirement.

It is imperative that to be eligible for the grant under the RHI you have a fully accredited MCS product installed by an MCS installer. We have five outputs from 18kW up to 80kW for two boiler ranges. These can cover properties from 100m2 up to 800m2.

Wood boilers can also be incorporated with other renewable forms of energy such as solar.

We would recommend seeing our web site to see the range of boilers along with the image galleries. There is also a video page showing the working of one of the wood gasification log boilers.

Our company is based in Somerset but we are the distributor within the UK & Southern Ireland of this product range. We are more than happy to give product demonstrations for interested parties.    

As a company we offer simple solutions for greener heating.



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