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By: Wells Consulting  31/10/2010
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You might find the answers to the following questions useful. If you have any other questions do contact me.


Where do you practise?


I practise in Wells and Weston super Mare. I can arrange to meet you at whichever location is most convenient.

Can we work together by phone?

Yes. All costs, terms and conditions you'll find on this site apply equally to counselling in person or by phone. We would arrange a convenient time for you to telephone me for a 1hr session. It is important to ensure that you have a private place without distraction from which to phone me.


How much do you charge for counselling?


Each 1 hr session costs £40.


Can I meet you and see if we can work together before I commit to anything?


Yes! Before we start working together it's really important that we both think it will work. So much about effective counselling is the relationship between me and you. We would meet or talk on the phone for a 30 minute session at no cost. It will be an opportunity for us to talk in more detail about how I work and the issues you would like to bring to counselling.



What can I expect from my first session?


To feel anxious in advance! A first session with a counsellor is daunting. It’s a big step to talk to someone; probably about stuff that you have never talked to anyone else about before – and that can feel overwhelming. But we would have met or talked on the phone before to see if we wanted to work together so the hardest part would have been done.


I've seen a counsellor before and I didn't feel it helped? How will this be different?


I can only answer this question from my own experience. My first experience of counselling was that it felt worthless and that it didn’t help. My second experience was powerful, useful and life changing. The reason for the difference was the first time I had been asked to go by someone else and told the counsellor what I thought she wanted to hear, the second time I made the decision to go myself, to be honest and to seize the opportunity.


How many sessions will I need?


It's really hard to say how many sessions any individual will need. For some people it can be 6-12 sessions working in a very solution focused way, for others it could be more. We'll review this regularly to ensure that there are an appropriate number of sessions.


Are you insured?


Yes. I have professional Indemnity insurance


Will you tell anyone about what we talk about in our sessions?


The short answer is 'no'. But there are four possible exceptions:
I meet regularly with a supervisor who reviews my work to ensure you receive the best possible service. I may need to discuss the work I do with you with my supervisor but any formation the supervisor has about you will be treated in confidence.
We might feel it would be useful to talk to someone about you. For example your GP's view might be useful in determining any 'medical' reasons which are affecting the issues we are working on. I will always seek your written permission before doing this and will respect your view if you don't wish to give it.
If I believe there is a significant risk of harm to you or others I may decide to notify the appropriate authorities. I will always try to discuss this with you before taking action.
Like others I am subject to the law and must obey any valid court order.


Are you regulated in any way?


My work is regulated by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). I work within the code of ethics of the BACP

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