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Forgeries and Cash Counting from Anglo-tech Services Ltd

By: Anglo-tech Services Ltd  20/09/2007
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USEFUL FORGERY INFO FROM THE SPECIALISTS Nearly 700,000 Counterfeit notes were removed from circulation in 2004 and a further 640,000 in 2005, with a value of £12 m. Many thousands of notes will be passed over the holiday period, but have you prepared your staff with the tools to ensure they do not take any Fake Notes in your retail outlets ?? Below are just some of the serial nos of Better Quality Forged Notes that have been taken by English and Scottish Retailers in the last few months. Bank of England £20 Notes DR 6476 5924 Dh2359 7521 BF2383 2634 BC617 3521 BK 0995 5761 / 75 / 92 AJ3968 8073 BE21 695435 (This note has very good UV 20 on front lower left of note) AB76 728196 £5. Notes JH 49526128 - HE 879623325 + Notes beginning with Nos EB73, KA73, and ED09 Bank of Scotland £50 AB036536 £20 Notes CQ412301 DE085012 DK312544 EE484450 EE470538 DP027765 DZ173454 FC002264 E/X 513877 EP379460 612 047 £10 Notes C/94882653 ER 808551 925170, 510965, 942169, 586906, 962063, DV8 10973 Clydesdale Bank £20 Notes BN495636 BE514639 BG527092 A/BO 857837 £50 Notes AA736293 001510 £5 Notes l777104 E/EB 496818 023425 Royal Bank of Scotland £20 Notes B/19 472539 B/19 600823 DP 021134 K312544 DK078901 DP021134 DE072123 ED074673 ED074672 £10 Notes C/89 444769 EX76109 £5 Note 801339 The appropriately named Check-a-Note Forgery Tester will very quickly and easily spot these Fake notes and save your very hard earned Cash from being deducted from your Banking Monies. . Check-a-Note will also ensure your staff give the correct change, as the unit doubles as a Note Holder, keeping the note out of the Till, until the correct change has been counted. All staff need to look for is the Dark mark that shows up on a Forgery and “If its Black, don’t take it Jack” The note should be retained and the Police called. They will retain the note and issue you a Note Of Retention (receipt for your records) and deal with the matter from there. Whether it is Scottish, English, Euro or Dollar, Check a Note will find those Forgeries before you take them !. Don’t forget, it is a criminal offence to hold or to pass on a note that you know to be counterfeit. The latest English forged £20 notes that have come to the attention of Anglo-Tech Ltd are some of the best we have seen and felt. They are so good that even we had to do a double check when we first seen them. They will even pass through some electronic detectors. They really are that good, so you need to be very aware!! Also be suspicious of customers who buy small value items using a high value note, and who repeatedly present a note, when they have got plenty of change in their pocket. !! If you use UV Lights, you will see on the latest English forged 20’s the UV 20 Numerals in the lower left of the note and some notes will absorb UV light, as does a genuine note. The Queens head, and the Horizontal Bar Watermarks (too big and defined on some fakes) can be seen when held up to the light. The Hologram, The Foil Strip, Colours, Print and Feel Quality are all very good, although not exact, and they have yet to master the correct quality of paper. (which is what the Check a Note verifies) On the reverse, some watermarks will show up under UV and they should not. Also on the reverse of some notes, the centre of the zero of the £20 in the top right corner should have a small white outline, but on the fake, the whole of the zero has been left blank. Simple to see, but very easy to miss. Anglo-Tech Services Ltd. Georges Farm, West Buckland, Somerset, TA21 9LE Anglo-Tech are Members of the Forgery Detection Association Ltd. Copyright Anglo-Tech Services Ltd and the FDA Ltd 20/09/2007

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