By: Joanne Lindsay Counselling and Hypnotherapy Service  02/09/2014
Keywords: Stress Counselling, Depression Counselling, Panic Attacks

My head felt like it was in such a mess, nothing seemed to make sense - now I understand what was happening, I can think clearly and the world feels like such a better place. I couldn't have got through the last year without this support. Everything just seemed to be going so wrong, everything I touched seemed to fall apart and now I'm feeling like such a success, new job, new house and a new me - brilliant! I felt so nervous once I'd made the decision to contact Jo so much so I nearly didn't turn up to my first appointment, but once I met her I realised she wasn't going to judge me, she was really listening to me and trying to understand what was going on in my life - I felt heard for the first time in a long time and now I feel like I can hear myself and am so much more aware of those around me too. I have taken control of my life again. I had spent years, decades even feeling so ashamed of my past, with Jo's help I have laid a lot of ghosts to rest and can look forward to everyday and my future without worrying about what I can't change

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