Building and rebuilding all forms of relationship

By: djp relationships  03/02/2011
Keywords: personal development, Life coaching, business coaching

Let go of the past -- look to the future
Do you really want change in your life and in your relationships -- if you do then call me. I can help you address those changes. I have worked in all areas of change and development and can help you raise your confidence and self esteem and help you decide on what you need from a prospective new partner.. for so many people this is where they go wrong .. and if they really felt good about themselves and were clear on the type of person they want to be with then the rest will gloriously follow!

If you are already in a committed relationship I can help you if its development has run into troubled waters or if you just need to enrich your relationship if it has got 'stuck'.

Sadly some relationships do come to an end -- it is important to not look back and want to blame -- that is very negative and stops both partners looking to the future. Respect and cherish all that was good and be above the acrimony and angst many couples get into via a confrontational approach.

I have been a couples therapist and a memeber of the UK College of Family Mediators so hae much experience in this area.

I am able to support families through difficult times -- either individually or the whole family -- and have particular experience with foster and adoptive families and step families.

Finally no work setting performs at its best if there are difficulties for individuals and or teams. I go out into small businesses and can offer independent not often available to such companies.

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