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By: Guitarbitz Guitar Shop  18/10/2010
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We have guitar strings to suit your guitar and playing. Light gauge strings give brighter tones, heavier gauge gives more bass and hybrid sets give a bit of both.

Strings wear out, so it’s important to replace them:
Electric Strings - About every 2 months
Acoustic Strings – About every 2 months
Classical Strings - About every 4 months
Bass Strings - About once a year

Or look at coated strings, these last 3 to 5 times longer and have anti corrosion protection so you don’t have to replace them as often, about every 6 months.

We have Acoustic Guitar Strings from Martin, D'Addario, Gibson, Tanglewood, Ernie Ball. Covering all the popular gauges from extra light to heavy.
For acoustic guitars you can have 80/20 bronze or phosphor bronze. Phosphor bronze offers a warmer, mellow sound where the 80/20 bronze gives a crisp, bright tone.
Also available are coated acoustic guitar strings, which don't loose their feel as quickly as non coated strings and last up to 5 times longer than normal strings.

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