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By: Aspire Europe  30/04/2014
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Aspire Academy is our training organisation, it has undergone rigorous examination to achieve this status with the The APM Group. Using an accredited training organisation (ATO) is your guarantee of quality. The APM Group examination reviews the following key areas of our services to you to assure the quality of the delivery. Course Material – the examination is undertaken by the Chief Examiner to ensure that the material meets the requirements of the syllabus, and ensures that the content is of sufficient quality to meet the standards of UKAS and the OGC. Quality System – a detailed system that each organisation to ensure that all aspects training are managed effectively, including: ATO Quality System Enquiry Booking Venue Assessment Examination Rooms Exam Registrations Exam Results Performance Review Complaints Trainers – all trainers have to pass stringent review that ensure they are competent and knowledgeable on: Subject matter, e.g. MSP® Course material Management of the event However, not all organisations are the same, so when selecting your provider you might want to ask a few of the following questions to see how the shape up to Aspire Europe Ltd. Food For Thought When deciding which organisations to chose to deliver your course, look past the advertised price and ask a few more searching questions. We have provided below our answers to some of your possible key questions. Why should we use you in one sentence? Your success is our success, we will work hard, have fun and bring you success through knowledge How long have you been involved with accredited training? 8 years How many of your trainers are practicing consultants? All of them When was your course last updated? Knowledge is changing all the time, we update our material every 2 months What is unique about your courses? Quality system – we are unique in that we have actually follow ours to make sure you get what you pay for. Pre-course workbooks and access to the trainer Modular approaches that enable you to build to the qualifications over a period. Practical experience is applied throughout. Fun, laughter and innovation – we expect our trainers to make it an event – if its not working we will change it. If you are not successful with the exam, you will get a full personal debrief and recommendations on the best way forward. What are your pass rates? Consistently in the top 10% of ATO's, currently over 85% pass rate non our public courses Why should we chose you? Because we came into training for the fun and reward of working with people rather than the money. We are experts in our fields and have unique approaches that are not influenced or derived from others. We do not work with other ATO's, our offering is unique Our syllabus offers vocational and practical courses as well as qualifications, have a look at our learning paths Is your course residential? No, unless stated, but we always run our courses where there is good quality hotels near by, with a choice of rates. What sort of locations do you use? When we offer non residential events, we look for: Good public transport access Good local hotels that offer a choice of price Comfortable surroundings Opportunities for fresh air Plenty of natural light Residential locations will have, in addition to the non-residential requirements: Sports facilities (for us if not you!) Rural location Good road acces

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When engaging us you will want to draw on our knowledge and experience to help you improve or change. As such, we have standard packages that bring you the most cost effective way of addressing a problem or challenge. For individual portfolios, programmes and projects we can offer a diagnostic service that will assess their viability, performance and direction that will provide you with concise recommendations on actions to be taken to improve failing or faltering initiatives, or that tell yo


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