Quantum DPF Removal

By: Quantum Somerset  15/09/2011
Keywords: DPF Removal, DPF Light On, DPF Fault

DPF is an abbreviation for Diesel Particulate Filter and on some French manufacturer vehicles it is also known as a FAP filtre à particules.

The particle filter reduces the pollution emitted by diesel vehicles by filtering the solid particles contained in the exhaust gases.

In time, the particle filter becomes clogged by accumulation of the following components:

·Soot coming from the exhaust

·Cinders arising from the engine oil

·Particles coming from engine wear

When the filter becomes clogged a regeneration or burn off is needed. Regeneration consists of periodically burning off the particles accumulated in the particle filter. Regeneration occurs naturally if the temperature of the exhaust gases is sufficient or by the ECU, when engine operating conditions are correct, and by injecting an additional post injection fuel spray, during the combustion process, during valve overlap, the temperature of the exhaust gases increases aiding the burn off.

As from the factory, occasionally the filter cannot regenerate on its own and a forced regeneration is required via a dealer level diagnostic tool. If a filter is to heavily loaded a replacement filter must be fitted if not temperatures can get very high and could cause a fire.

Our DPF remaps will now alter the software in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) so that in combination with physically removing the DPF, the vehicle will now run without logging any error codes, attempting any future regenerations, or bringing any DPF check lights or engine management light on the dash.  For those of you who are not aware the DPF does have to be physically removed, jut installing the software will be of absolutely no benefit.

Keywords: DPF Fault, DPF Light On, DPF Removal,

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