Herbal Medicine

By: Healing Thyme  27/10/2011
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Q: Who can benefit from Herbal Medicine? A: We treat all patients – infants to the very elderly may all find help from the herbs in a form which suits their needs and constitution. We are happy to treat those already receiving help from a GP or consultant. We always ask you about the medication that you are taking and will only prescribe herbs which do not adversely interact with other medication. If appropriate and with the patients consent we are happy to keep medical staff fully informed of the herbal regime. Q: How does Herbal Medicine work? A: As trained herbalists we use remedies made from whole plant extracts. We are trained to look beyond the obvious and seek the root cause of the problem rather than apply a ‘sticking plaster’ to a symptom. We seek to correct imbalances and thus help the body to heal itself. We treat the whole person not the symptom. Q: What can Herbal Medicine treat? A: Herbal medicine is appropriate for most of the conditions for which you would visit your GP. These include digestive and circulatory problems, skin complaints, sleep, stress and emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, musculo-skeletal aches and pains, respiratory conditions and many more. Often patients will present with a vague feeling of being below par or just lacking in energy. Regardless of how vague or specific the complaint herbal medicine can generally help to achieve a feeling of improved well-being.

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